Flying Circus Project 2013

Art Radar Asia interviews FCP artist couple, Tun Win Aung and Wah Nu – find out more in the Impact of FCP 2013!

Vertical Submarine

IS-Vert Sub

Vertical Submarine is an art collective from Singapore that consists of Joshua Yang, Justin Loke and Fiona Koh (in order of seniority). According to them, they write, draw and paint a bit but eat, drink and sleep a lot. Their works include installations, drawings and paintings, which involve text, storytelling and an acquired sense of humour. In 2010, they laid siege to the Singapore Art Museum and displayed medieval instruments of torture including a fully functional guillotine. They have completed projects in Spain, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, the Philippines, Mexico City, Australia and Germany. Collectively they have won several awards including the Credit Suisse Artist Residency Award 2009, The President’s Young Talents Award 2009 and the Singapore Art Show Judges’ Choice 2005. They have recently completed a residency at Gertrude Contemporary in Melbourne.

Vertical Submarine Website


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