Flying Circus Project 2013

Art Radar Asia interviews FCP artist couple, Tun Win Aung and Wah Nu – find out more in the Impact of FCP 2013!

Wen Hui


Wen Hui is a choreographer and dancer. She studied choreography at the Beijing Dance Academy and graduated in 1989. In 1994 she founded Living Dance Studio in Beijing with Wu Wenguang. In the following years she created and choreographed many performance pieces that toured worldwide. In 2005 she and Wu Wenguang founded CCD Workstation, an independent art space in Beijing.

The list of her dance works:

100 Verbs (1994), Living Together / Toilet (1995), Breathe with the Earth (1996), Dining with 1997 (1996), Skirt/Video (1997), Report on Giving Birth (1999), Dancing with Farm Workers (2001), Report on Body (2003), Time/Space (2004), Report on 37.8 º (2005), Outlands (2006), Skirt (2007), Memory (2008), Treatment (2009), Memory II: Hunger (2010), Memory on the Road (2011), Listening to Third Grandmother’s Stories (2012). 

Wen Hui has also made her first documentary Listening to Third Grandmother’s Stories in 2011.

Caochangdi Workstation website


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