Flying Circus Project 2013

Art Radar Asia interviews FCP artist couple, Tun Win Aung and Wah Nu – find out more in the Impact of FCP 2013!

Wu Wenguang

Wu Wenguang's photo by Ricky Wong

Wu was born in south-western China’s Yunnan province in 1956. After graduating from high school in 1974, Wu was send to the countryside, where he worked as farmer for four year. Between 1978 and 1982, he studied Chinese Literature in Yunnan University. After the University, Wu worked as a teacher at a junior high school for three years, and later, he worked in the television as a journalist for four years. Wu left the television, moved to Beijing in 1988 to be an independent documentary filmmaker, freelance writer and creator and producer of dance/theater. Wu has completed 10 documentaries including Bumming in Beijing (1990), 1966, My Time in the Red Guards (1993), Jiang Hu: Life on the Road (1999), Fuck Cinema (2005), Treatment (2010), which have been screened in many film festivals in the world. Also his four books (no-fiction) have published.

In 1994, Wu co-founded the independent dance group Living Dance Studio with Wen Hui in Beijing, and have created / performed a series dance performances. His representative works like Report on Giving Birth (1999), Report on Body (2003), Report on 37.8 º (2005), Memory (2008), Memory II: Hunger (2010), and had tour in a lot of festivals in all of the world. In 2005, Wu co-founded the independent art space Caochangdi Workstation with Wen Hui in Beijing. Since then, Wu has created a series of programmes for documentaries and performances. Especially there’re two main projects: Village Documentary Project (found in 2005) and Folk Memory Project (found in 2010).

Caochangdi Workstation website
Wu Wenguang article 1
Wu Wenguang article 2


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